What Does it Really Mean When Your Ex Wants to Be Friends?

Reason why your ex wants to be friends
Disclaimer: We are not mind readers, and the article is just an attempt to figure out what all it means when an ex wants to get back. ‘You’ are the best person to decide what it means when your ex wants to be friends with you.

Beep beep… (it’s your mobile message tone). There is a sweet friendship message from a ‘person’. You now check the mail. There is a long friendship email from that same person. Day in and day out you get these messages. Now it’s the turn of the doorbell to ring, and there is an old man carrying a bouquet sent by the same person. Clear signals someone ‘likes’ you. If this was the case a few years back, just the mention of this person’s name would make you blush and go all pink. But now the case is that your expressions are either neutral or red. You have guessed right, the ‘person’ we are referring to is your ex. The mention of ‘ex’ brings in mixed feelings; a break up (after a serious relationship) is hard to accept, no matter how mentally strong a person is. Some move on to a new relationship, while some are left broken and sobbing for life. As with keeping relations with that person, some are free and practical enough to be friends, while others may never want to see that person’s face ever again.

The messages and signals clearly show that he/she wants to be friends with you, may be more than just friends. It worries more if you have accepted the reality and moved on, and now you are getting these friendship signals, making you wonder what it means. Being friends with an ex is a matter of personal choice, no doubt. If you are practical enough, and can behave and look at that person as a ‘friend’, it is well and good. But being friends, especially if you had dumped him/her, can also prove catastrophic!

Your Ex Girlfriend Wants to Maintain the Friendship
It can mean any of the below…

  • She likes you and wouldn’t want to lose a wonderful friend like you. It can also mean she wants to get back to you. Check for the signs. If she is trying to get cozy and is extra curious to know what are you up to, means she is interested in you and wants to give the relation another try!
  • If you broke up and she wants to be friends again, means, she loves you genuinely! But wait. It can also mean she is planning for revenge! Yes. It must be her plan to make you fall in love with her again, and then she will dump you. (Be careful boy!).
  • If it’s the case of a serious relationship gone wrong due to unavoidable reasons, it means that the girl loves you, and if not as her better half, wants you as her friend (no harm here).
  • If you are still single and she wants to be friends, it obviously means she wants the relationship to work out.
  • If she is in a relationship and still wants to be friends with you, it can mean she is making use of you for her own benefits.

Your Ex Boyfriend Says He Wants to Be a Friend
It can mean any of the below…

  • If it was a casual relationship that didn’t work out, and now he is also pally and sweet, it simply means he has not found any other girl yet, and is using you for the time being (stay away!)
  • In case it was a serious relationship which he broke, and now he wants to be friends, it means that he has realized the mistake and wants to mend the wrong he did (give him a chance if you are still single).
  • If your ex boyfriend/girlfriend wants to be friends, it also means that she/he is confused and wants to keep all the options open.

Being friends with an ex (if you were in a serious relationship) is not recommended, if you are in a new and growing relationship. The sparks can fly and it would result in a complex love triangle, in which you would get entangled! So think a hundred times before you break up, to avoid this situation. Just imagine how it would feel to have your ex as your friend, you won’t have a say and the authority you had earlier. If you both are matured enough to keep the emotions in control, let the friendship flower. At the end, your ex wanting to be friends conveys he/she wants to get back. It’s your choice.

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