Stop This Already! Single Women are Tired of Hearing These Things

Things single women are tired of hearing
If you aren’t happy being single, you won’t be happy in a relationship. Get your own life and love it first, then share it.

You may be single because you are still not over your ex, or because you haven’t found the right man, or simply because you want to; the choice is yours girl! Don’t let anybody make you feel insecure about yourself, or question you.

If only this cruel world let us single and rocking ladies live in peace. Everybody around you will have questions regarding your relationship status, and a whole lot of advice too. But, you don’t owe an explanation to anybody.

So just ignore those taunts or take them in a good stride! Here are a few that you can absolutely relate to and laugh over.

You need to date more men.
Oh ya, I will date every guy I know.
You are too hot/pretty to be single.
Probably that’s why I am single.
May be I will introduce you to my friend’s cousin’s son.
Or maybe you will just shut up and mind your own business.
Aren’t you lonely?
I wish I was alone NOW.

You are missing out a lot by being single.

Thank you so much for making me realize that.
You need to stop being so choosy.
OK, I will date the next guy I see.
Do you really go out or date people?
No, I just sit in my room and cry that I am single.
I feel sorry for you.
But I won’t feel sorry if I hit you.
Why don’t you dress up a little more?
I will parade around all decked up, OK?
Try losing some weight.
Don’t even get into that territory or face the consequences.
Don’t worry, you will find someone. There are plenty of fish in the pond.
Yes, that’s what I needed all my life – YOUR assurance.
Why are you single?
I don’t owe YOU an explanation.
Have you tried online dating or dating apps? My cousin’s friend met her husband on Tinder.
Oh you don’t wanna know what all I have tried.
You are too independent, you don’t need anyone.
Well, I WILL decide who or what I need, OK?
Don’t you believe in love?
Don’t you believe in keeping your nose outta other people’s business?
Did someone break your heart?
Oh yes, into such small pieces, that I cannot love again. LOL!
Maybe you should date one of your friends.
Didn’t we already decide that I am dating every guy I know.
You need to get out a little more.
Ummmm okay!
Are you afraid of commitment?
Absolutely, but I do believe in flings.
What if you die alone?
Stop scaring me bitch!
Don’t you want babies?
You are getting into personal territory now. Stay out!
By the time I was your age I was already married.
Good for you; I pity your husband though.
Maybe you are giving wrong signals to men.
Excuse me? What wrong signals?
You must have a lot of free time then.
Yes, because single women don’t have a life of their own.
It’s OK, you are still young, don’t lose hope.
Thank you for bringing a tiny ray of hope in my life.
You are so lucky to be single.
You changed your mind? I thought being single was supposed to be bad.
Are you secretly seeing someone?
Even if I am, why the hell would I tell you?
You should lower your standards a little. Remember you can’t get everything.
Oh really? I can and I will. Watch me do it!

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