Stay Away from Them: Types Of Women You Should Never Date

Gold-digger - type of women you should not date
When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you.

—Lolly Daskal

Dating is not easy. Much has been said about whom to date, both men and women, and whom to avoid. Yet there are some females who drive you crazy, and not in a good way. Chances are you may get hurt, lose your sanity, or stop believing in love if you keep dating some of these women. Of course, more often than not, we get so blinded by love that we tend to see everything through our rose-tinted glasses. So, here’s a subtle warning for you. Date them at your own risk.

We are not saying that you should date only the perfect girl, but some extreme attributes can be really hazardous for your emotional health. Yup, so it is better to avoid girls like these.

The Gold Digger
She is with you just because of the money boy! She wants to try out all the fancy restaurants, and expects you to shower her with expensive gifts all the time, and treat her like royalty. We know you like to pamper your girl buddy, but there has to be a limit, right? She may not really care much about your feelings, and it could be just about the money, honey! So just get rid of her before you go broke, and she breaks your heart.
The Clingy One

“My honey bunny, coochie coo, what are you doing?” Get used to receiving such messages every few minutes when dating this girl. She just won’t let you breathe peacefully for even a minute. Yup, it feels good to be wanted, but you don’t want her to bombard you with calls and messages when you are at work, right? And yes, get ready to face her wrath if you miss even a single call from her. More often than not, she will make a huge scene if you don’t text back. She does not have a life of her own and will cling to you like a leech. Yes, she will suck the life out of you. She just wants to spend every moment with you, and don’t even expect anything like personal space when you are with her.

The Flirt

She used the most charming words, played with her hair in the most seductive way, smiled the most alluring smile, and made you go crazy for her. But wait, she does that with everybody! Yup, she is the quintessential flirt who acts as if she is interested in every guy on the planet, and not just you! Can you handle the men who will be running after her because of her antics? And do you think she’ll stick around if she finds a better prospect? Date her only if your answer to the above two questions is a “yes”.

The Marriage Obsessed

You go out, the date is fun, the conversation is amazing, the chemistry is sizzling, and everything just feels right. Then your date starts talking about the future, about marriage, and what not! And you are like, what the hell is going on!!! Well, either your gal is so impressed with you, that she just can’t stop thinking about your amazing future together, or she is just obsessed with marriage. Yup, all she wants is to get married and settle down and is looking for a hubby, not a boyfriend. Run away before things start getting very serious, unless you are looking for a wife as well.

The Overly Dramatic

You just have got to be wary of this one! She loves to create a scene in public, her overly dramatic gestures and expressions will ensure that you always get lots of unnecessary attention. A simple argument may lead to a tweet or a huge post on Facebook about it. Basically, everything about her is over the top and extreme. She just has to shout out to the whole world about what is going on in your life. Date her only if you can handle all her attention-seeking tantrums.

The Cheater

This girl has got everything that will make you want her, but she is not a keeper. She has cheated, and most probably will cheat again. The prospect of getting someone better, makes her check out other men. Even if you are in a committed relationship, there’s no guarantee when she’ll break your trust. Save yourself all the heartbreak, stay away from this gal!

The Pretty Princess

She looks at the world through her rose-tinted glasses, and expects everything to happen according to her whims and fancies. The relationship is all about her, and you barely exist. All the dates and activities will be planned according to her wish. She also expects you to treat her like royalty and pamper her like a princess. Good luck, if you are dating this one!

The Jealous Maiden

Talk to any other female in front of her, and get ready to be reprimanded. She is suspicious all the time, she asks you innumerable questions, and has problems with your female friends. A confident woman should not get so worked up or jealous for no reason, which goes on to show that she is really messed up. A little jealousy is always good, but it should be in a fun, flirty way, not the creepy obsessive way.

The Control Freak

According to her, everything you do is wrong. She will judge you, shout at you, and make your life miserable. She probably has insecurity issues and will take out all that on you. She will want everything done according to her way, and will lose her temper over the silliest of things. She is like one step ahead of the princess. She will be very critical about your life as well. Well, you do want your partner to be honest with you, but that doesn’t mean she keeps insulting you all the time.

The Insecure Woman

She is the kind of woman who is always in a relationship. She has probably defined her life through the purview of her relationships. And being alone makes her really insecure and unhappy. She will date you just because she doesn’t want to be alone. She will freak out after every little disagreement you have, and will have the constant fear that she’ll end up alone. Ouch! For you as well as her!

This doesn’t absolve the men folk either. There are an equal, if not more, number of male types you should not date. Dating can be like a roller coaster ride, and as with any roller coaster, personal safety and well-being is paramount. So, just ensure that you do the same when it comes to dating too.

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