Stages of a Healthy Relationship Every Couple Should Be Aware Of

Stages of a healthy relationship
Every relationship has its different stages, and although one hopes endlessly for a secret formula to make a relationship work, the secret actually lies within us. It completely depends on our ability to deal with things and make things work for the better. The excitement about falling in love is universal all over, but to maintain the relationship takes more effort than you could ever think of!
Although there are predictable stages of being in love, a healthy relationship is far more different from just being in love. If you are often confused where your relationship is headed to or if you often wish to have and maintain a healthy relationship, take a look at some of the stages of a healthy relationship given below. These stages might help you to understand and overcome any shortcomings in your current relationship.
Wooing Your Love
Stages of a Healthy Relationship-Wooing your love
This stage is most popular and common with many of us. The feeling of falling in love and the sleepless nights that follow are an obvious indication you wish to spend more time with each other. This is the time a couple uses to create a better impression on each other. Roses, scented candles, chocolates, and teddy bears … gift shops perhaps would never have seen their cash registers ringing if it weren’t for couples madly in love! Wooing one’s love in great style is the obvious beginning to a relationship, and the joy of acceptance from a partner is something that cannot be described!
Emotional Attachment
Stages of a Healthy Relationship-Emotional Attachment
A healthy relationship is possible only when you feel a mutual attachment for each other. Emotional attachment is the mainstay of any relationship for that matter; this forms a foundation to build a future together! This is the time when you can probably call him/her at odd hours. He/she would be the first person you ring up to convey your happiness or share a sorrowful moment. This is one of the most important stages of a healthy relationship as it is during this phase when you begin to unbosom yourselves and trust each other as well.
Physical Intimacy
Stages of a Healthy Relationship-Physical Intimacy
Let’s face it; a certain level of physical intimacy is required for a healthy relationship. Physical attraction towards your partner is important and natural as long as you do not get obsessed with the same. This is the period when you wish to spend every waking hour with him/her, but learning to curb those feelings to a certain extent would help form a firm base for a healthy relationship. Physical attraction when based on your emotional feelings rather than just outward appearance would help you to have a meaningful relationship rather than just a fling. Emotional intimacy is the foremost thing if you are looking for stability in relationships. Although it’s not a crime being physically attracted to your partner, you should know where to draw the line.
Strengthening the Bond of Friendship
Stages of a Healthy Relationship-Strengthening the bond of friendship
Having your partner as your best friend is one of the best stages of a healthy relationship. Being friends with each other will help to bring you closer with your partner and also increase the trust element between each other. Considering your partner as a friend is also a sign of acceptance. It means you have accepted him/her completely and share a certain level of maturity between each other. Every meaningful relationship of our life germinates from friendship, and so if you have it with your partner, you have unlocked the door to having a healthy relationship.
Dealing with Flaws
After all the initial euphoria of being in love, comes the stage of discovering each other’s flaws! Learning to deal with your partner’s shortcomings is an important stage in any healthy relationship. At times, certain traits of a person are probably visible only as time flies by. Short tempers and attitude problems are some things you may have to deal with once you are in the relationship. Recognizing your partner’s problem area is another important stage required to maintain a healthy relationship. Learning to deal with it and sorting the issues amicably will only strengthen your relation with each other.
Retaining Individual Identities
Stages of a Healthy Relationship- Retaining individual identities
No matter how much amount of compromise is involved in a relationship, you must retain your individuality to some extent. Being a doormat has not helped any couple; in fact, it only tends to worsen things for the couple. Know yourself from within and mold yourself only for the better. At this stage, when you both maintain your individuality and respect each other for what you are, it would be a step towards the right direction for any relationship.
Commitment Levels Between the Couple
Falling in love is easy, but being in love for a long period of time requires commitment. Commitment towards each other is required for any relationship if you wish to have one that’s for keeps! A commitment towards each other only helps to establish more faith you have for each other. This means that both of you will have to be transparent and unambiguous about each other’s lives. Likewise, both partners need to be ready for commitment to have a healthy relationship. The stage of commitment is reached when couples realize they have common goals and would want to spend every bit of their joys and sorrows with each other. Marriage is something you can decide later, and if you both are willing to take the plunge, then having complete faith in each other is requisite.
These stages of a healthy relationship should help you to analyze your relationship and know where it’s headed. With a little bit of understanding, love, and care, you would have the right recipe for a successful relationship!

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