Spice Up the Romance! Here are Some Essential Tips for a Skype Date

Tips for a Skype date
There is a pride most will never understand, it is a series of late night phone calls, I miss yous, see ya laters, sexy dress blues, lots of tears, endless prayers, care packages & love letters, countdowns, homecomings, best friends you’ve never met, dog tags, Skype dates: a military thing, you will never understand.
– Author Unknown
Only the brave can take up the challenge of being in a long-distance relationship. When meeting each other becomes impossible or vary rare, the only sense is to let the relationship go. However, if our perspectives can change a little about these relationships which live out of suitcases, a lot of heartaches can be avoided.

With technology becoming an indispensable part of our lives, why not use it for connecting with those we love? An online date is a perfect idea for those couples who physically live miles apart, but are quite closely connected in each other’s hearts.

Skype Dating Tips
One such medium of communication is Skype. This simple messenger helps you to stay connected with those you love, for a minimal cost of your Internet connection. Skype calls can be turned into fun virtual dates by following a few essential tips. The long distance, which apparently makes the heart grow fonder, can become far more bearable, as such.
Video calling on skype
Be on Time
The first rule of a Skype date is to be on time. In a long-distance relationship, especially the one that suffers the agony of different time zones, the wait for just saying a simple hello or to listen to your beloved’s voice is excruciating. This makes being on time for a virtual date very important. Seeing the other person as per the decided time serves as a gratification for the entire day’s excitement and anxiety. Additionally, if the two of you have adjusted your time taking into consideration the different time zones, then delaying a call or the chat will only end up being a time waster.
Ensure a Good Internet Connection
A good Internet connection is your only way of having an effective and enjoyable chat. A slow connection, which keeps disconnecting time and again, causes unnecessary irritations. Make sure you have good connectivity before you log on to Skype for your virtual date. Also, try to get a good deal for your Internet pack, so that you will not be hesitant about using it for a longer duration. It is important that the date goes as smoothly as possible, and is not cut short abruptly due to bad connectivity.
Keep the Chat Private
It may happen that you are somewhere outside when you might have to get on to your Skype call for the date. For instance, cafés are often chosen by people to sit back, relax over a cup of coffee, and make that loving Skype call. However, a lot of ambient noise and people around you get indirectly involved in your chat. Instead, pick a private place, such as your room, secluded corner of a park, or an empty café for your date, to make the most of your precious time.
Adequate Lighting
The basic and most essential tip for a Skype date is the lighting. It is terribly annoying to view the person you are chatting with in bad light (pun unintended). To make the video chat even more interesting, you can create some mood lighting with yellow light effects. The important point of the lighting technique, while on a Skype call, is making sure the light falls directly on your face. This means the source of light should be opposite to you, and not behind you.
Keep those Mental Notes Ready
We are constantly making mental notes of the things we think can make great conversations with our partners. Save and remember these notes for your Skype date. Oftentimes, couples log on to Skype as a ritual, with nothing to say. Instead, make your partner look forward to those dates, by enticing him/her with interesting things to talk about. Every long-distance relationship needs its participants to reduce the miles between them, with the smiles they can create through meaningful conversations.
Do Fun Things on Skype
Your dates need not be about sitting in one place and just video chatting. Add elements of fun to it, with virtual activities. For instance, make one of the date nights a dinner night, where the two of you actually eat over a call. Similarly, you can play several games, watch movies by sharing screens, and take a walk while on a video call.
Saving a long-distance relationship from crumbling under the pressure of the distance takes equal effort. Every couple stuck away from one another does the usual calling and messaging. However, to keep the spark alive and the flame burning, it is important to keep doing something different every now and then. And with these essentials on a Skype date, imagination is your only limit to keep the healthy relationship going strong.

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