Receiving End of These Signs? Then She is Definitely Mad at You

Sign she is mad at you
A woman can ignore you so hard, you will start to doubt your own existence.

Yeah, women can actually do that. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If only men had more sense and understood exactly when their girl is mad. Remember, she won’t tell you each and everything; she wants you to comprehend certain things on your own.

Yup, that is why understanding women is a little difficult! You gotta observe her actions, analyze each and every word that comes out of her mouth, think long and hard about every gesture, etc. But don’t worry, when she is mad at you, she will ensure that you understand that. She won’t say it, she will show it.

Not being able to figure out yet? Look out for these signs that definitely prove that she is really annoyed.

The Silent Treatment

Ahh… the silent treatment! Can there be any more obvious and effective sign than this! She is acting as if you don’t exist. She won’t make eye contact, nor will she smile. But hey, she is laughing with her friends! The silent treatment is just for you buddy. That should ring a bell in your mind, and you should start recollecting all that you have done to remember when you actually pissed her to deserve this royal treatment.

The Sarcastic Enthusiasm

Now this sign may not be very obvious to guys who are dumb (forgive my blatant honesty) or for that matter just acting dumb. She will act all too happy, and agree with everything you say. Now don’t get all excited over this sudden transformation in your gal, she is just trying to contain all her anger through sarcasm. Girls can never agree with everything you say. So, if she is acting all nice, something is definitely wrong.

The Formal Approach

She is not acting like your girlfriend, maybe not even like a friend, probably just like an acquaintance. She will act as if everything is perfectly okay, but that is not true. You don’t want her to be all formal, you want her to be her, right?

The Intentional Fights

It is just a normal question that you ask her, and that is enough to irk her and make her yell at you. Unless you asked something really bad, the reason could be that she is already on the edge. She does not want to talk to you, and does not even want you in her periphery. Well, she can’t directly tell you that, so she fights with you. Yup, if she is getting all worked up for no reason, you know she has lost it and is really mad.

The Royal Ignore

The most obvious, and probably one of the strongest weapons that women have is ignoring the man. You will literally feel as if you have stopped existing for her. This sign is especially true if you guys have just started dating. Confront her, and set things straight; that is the best and the only way to clear things up.

Signs through texting

Short Replies
You: Hey sweetheart! How was your day my love?
HER: It was OK.
You: How you feeling?
You: You wanna meet up for coffee?
HER: Maybe
You: Is everything alright?
HER: Oh ya!

Noooooo… nothing is alright buddy, if this is how your conversation is. We women love to talk, and unless she is unnaturally quiet, nobody replies like this. It’s time to meet her or at least call her and ask her what the matter is. If you know what you have done, say sorry.

Late Replies
No replies are better than late ones I feel. She is replying but wants to keep you waiting. It can be frustrating, isn’t it? She just wants you to know that there are other important things in her life besides you. And she is just texting for the sake of texting.

No Emojis
Why not a single emoji in the entire conversation? How on earth is that even possible! Girls love using smilies; if she is not sending you even an angry face, something is terribly wrong.

No Replies
She is not even bothering to reply. You wait and wait and wait… You know she saw your text because of those precious blue ticks, but she is giving you the silent treatment in the texting world.

OK, are you seeing most of the signs from the ones listed in here? Boy, you are in trouble! If you know why she is angry with you, just be a man, say sorry, and get over with it. If you don’t know what on earth you have done to piss her off, just talk to her. Just gather all your courage, charm, and wit; tell her what she means to you, and make her happy again. She might take some time to melt, depending on the intensity and reason for her anger, but she sure will (unless you have done something horrible).

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