Ladies, These are the Compliments You Should Never Give a Man

Wrong compliment for a guy
Best Day to Give Compliments?
January 24 is celebrated as the National Compliment Day in America! May be you can try complimenting your guy on this day.
“Baby, you look so cute!” Have you thought of saying something nice to your guy in this way? You gotta be kidding! Ladies, you are dealing with a different gender, and they don’t identify themselves with the word “cute.” According to them, they find the word “girlish.” It is best to avoid such compliments that will hit the wrong note with him. Sometimes, it may also leave them embarrassed, and the situation may turn out to be bad.

Kindly avoid using all girlish words, like cute, sweet, pretty, etc. Limit the usage of these terms while chatting with your girlfriends! Instead, start using words, like strong, good, great — all such adjectives that sound masculine. So henceforth, compliment your guy for the “sweet” things he does for you, but in a man-friendly manner.

Uhmm … Don’t Say These!
“You’re the only one I can talk to.”
Couple on dating
All I wanted to say was that I can talk to you about anything under the sun. I love spending time with you and talking to you.
I feel so pressurized. I have to be there for you as your support system every time! I am your boyfriend — not your mother with whom you can talk about everything!
Try this: “You’re the best listener. I love talking to you because you listen to me so patiently.”
“Wow! You could actually fix that damaged plug!”
I am really amazed that you could fix that thing. I thought we needed to get help from some professional, but it’s great that you fixed it!
Do you doubt my skills? Of course I could fix it. And, we don’t need to hire someone for doing such petty things!
Try this: “It must have been easier for you to fix that thing, isn’t it?”
“You act like a kid sometimes. But I love you anyway!”
Couple kissing
Kids are so adorable and so are you. Also, I like your innocence. It makes me want to love you more.
Kid? Are you serious? This means that I am immature, and not capable of doing things on my own? And you love me this way?
Try this: “I love you.”
“You’re so sensitive.”
You care for my emotions, and this makes me feel cared for. Also, I love the fact that you don’t hide your emotional side from me.
I am not a girl to be sentimental all the time. I simply respect your feelings and try to keep them in mind all the time. But sensitive? It’s so girly!
Try this: “I like this side of you.”
“You are my BFF.”
Couple in car
You are fun to be with. I can share my feelings, fears, and emotions with you, just the way I can do it with my friends.
I am your boyfriend! We have fun with each other, and I am there for you but more like a lover.
Try this: “I love your company.”
“You are so much like my father.”
Embracing Couple
You treat me in the same way my father treats me. He loves me and also protects me. I feel the same when you are around.
Do you find me that old? Or am I no more attractive? Please stop these comparisons, I am not in a relationship with you for parenting you!
Try this: “I feel protected when you are around.”
“You are better than my ex.”
You are the best boyfriend I have ever had. You make me feel loved and cared for so much. I am glad I am in a relationship with you.
You still think about your ex? Do you compare me with him? I don’t like being compared to your ex.
Try this: “You are the best person I have ever been in a relationship with.”
“I like this shirt of yours.”
Loving Couple
You are looking really good in this shirt. It enhances your abs, making you look even more handsome! I have fallen for you again.
You like the shirt? That’s it! I know the shirt is looking good; that’s the reason I bought it in the first place.
Try this: “You look freaking hot in that shirt.”
“I’m fond of your chubby cheeks.”
You have a great body, and it makes you look yum apart from looking handsome. I don’t mind that those chubby cheeks though! They look cute!
So, all you like is my body? And did you say “chubby cheeks?” Oh c’mon, I really did not want to hear that now!
Try this: “You look good the way you are.”
“You smell of roses.”
You smell so sweet. I feel mesmerized whenever I come close to you. The smell is so refreshing!
Roses? Do you mean to say that I have a girl-like fragrance? If that’s the case, I need to change my perfume, right away!
Try this: “I like the way you smell.”
“My husband is the most romantic person on this planet.”
I’m just trying to tell our friends that you really make me happy. You do those little romantic things that make me fall for you.
You don’t have to discuss our personal life in front of our friends. You were simply boasting about me being romantic, so that our friends could feel jealous!
Try this: “I am happy with my relationship.”
He Will Love These …
Okay, we have read things that we shouldn’t be saying to our guys. But then, how can we compliment him for something that we really appreciate him for? Here are a few “words of appreciation” that will boost his ego and make him feel happy.
“Man, you are the best!”
“You are so strong.”
“Thanks for being there for the kids.”
“I am proud of you.”
“I love it when you kiss me.”
“You are good at whatever you do.”
“Is there any jar that you can’t open?”
“No one can make me happy like the way you do.”
“You are really good at cooking.”
“You are perfect for me, just the way you are.”
So, there we go! We say “sweet things” to a guy just to make him feel happy and wanted, but their minds work differently. The interpretation can be something that is completely no way near to our real intentions. Girls, men like things to be said in a straightforward way. So, the next time you want to say those complimentary words to your guy, think twice!

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