How to Tell if a Girl Likes You? Look Out for These Signs!

How to tell that a girl likes you
Us guys are a troubled species. We’re caught up in a chunk of our lives that revolve around the mysteries of women, before growing up into even more confused men. Girls are too busy trying to either get the perfect grade or worrying about what to wear the next day to school.

Before they actually know what they want themselves, they may have to put a couple of guys through a series of hoops before settling on ‘Mr. Right’. Give a girl a chance to sort through the oncoming rush of emotions and thoughts, since a girl in two minds is not what you want. Knowing how to tell if a girl isn’t interested in you, is the key. If she just likes you as a good companion, don’t push it my friend, move on.

How to Spot the Differences

Ah yes, the most important part – does she actually like you, or is she being nice? Or does she like you as a friend or something more? Let’s sort through the mess before you lose your mind.

If She Likes You As a Friend…

  • She’ll talk to you often on the phone, flirt even, or hang out with you indoors – but conversations are random, flirting is harmless, and she treats you more like a brother in person.
  • She wouldn’t mind going to the movies with you, except her hands and her thoughts are on the movie, and not on you.
  • She’ll be hanging around with other dudes from school, and will also be keeping in touch with them in pretty much the same way she does with you.
  • She’s too busy to come over to your place, or doesn’t mind missing a couple of weekends with you for her other friends.
  • She doesn’t dress up in a way that stands out, but she doesn’t dress-down either. In other words, she’s not doing anything out of the ordinary for you.
  • If she’s talking to you about a major crush or a guy she likes that finally asked her out, this is your major sign to step back.
  • If she talks to you late into the night, it’s only because you’re either a close friend or her best friend. While girls do talk to guys they like late into the night, they’d rather meet the guy and get cozy for pillow talk.
  • If you like her more than just as a casual or close friend, don’t encourage her behavior when it borders on things couples do. Limit it to things that are appropriately ‘friendly’. If she doesn’t feel the same as you do, you’ll only end up getting hurt if you pursue it. If you want to risk the friendship, then speaking out loud or forever holding your peace, sounds about right. Take a chance, who knows where it will lead?

If She Likes You More than Just a Friend…

  • Girls aren’t hard to read when it comes to picking up the signals. You need to pay close attention and sniff-out the signs. The most obvious way to know if a girl likes you is the way she looks at you. It’s intent, shy even, or totally involved in what you have to say. Sometimes, you’ll even catch her staring (yes, girls stare too).
  • You might find her adjusting her outfit or retouching her makeup if you’re lucky enough to catch her in the act.
  • She’s suddenly cooking for you? Not only that, but she goes through the trouble to buy ‘special’ ingredients that cannot be found at home.
  • She gets persistent when it comes to spending time, gets pissed off when you stand her up, and hates it when you don’t reply to her calls / messages.
  • She’ll send ‘I miss you’ messages that sound harmless to her, but should mean ‘score!’ for you.
  • She’ll even ask you if you miss her, if she’s bold enough to ask. She may frame the question in a humorous way, but read between the lines.
  • She’s constantly touching you – not inappropriately of course but in a suggestive manner. Classic moves are brushing against your knee or thigh, placing her hand briefly on your knee while talking / laughing, punching you on the shoulder “for fun”, and sitting a little too close to you.
  • She tells you everything about her day – even when she went out to buy new lingerie. In conclusion, there’s nothing that you don’t know. She constantly reminds you of how you’re the only one she can trust and can depend on.
  • You may pick up little snippets upon entering a room, of her friends teasing her. Why would they tease her if you were only a friend?

It’s not hard to tell the difference between a friendly ‘I like you’, to a more-than-friends version. Once you’re accustomed to how she behaves and responds to your every move and word, it’ll be clearer. Some girls want the guy a little too soon once they get to know them – distancing yourself from such girls is wise – unless you’re a playboy.

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