How to Manipulate a Woman Into Liking You? Be Non-judgemental

Way to manipulate a woman into liking you
When men get turned down by women, their egos are instantly fired up, often blowing out of proportion, making them do something extremely stupid. Men have to first understand that you can’t just walk up to a woman you hardly know, and expect her to agree to going out on a date with you. Unless she’s as desperate as you are, then yes she will agree.

This is where the warning flag pops up desperately trying to get your attention, to show you just how easy she is to manipulate. For those guys out there who want to do it the right way – get a woman they really like, and get her to want to go out with you, then this one’s for those guys. There are all kinds of men out there, where most of them are frankly, well, pigs. You can’t blame us women for being so cynical, and putting up our guard when it comes to men.

The sad part is that most of us ladies want to have a good time, because honestly, there are no good guys left, so now we’re commitment phobic. If you think you’re worth the trouble, then step right up and find out ways to manipulate a woman into liking you, and making them realize that, you know what, maybe this guy deserves a chance. Here’s how you can break down a woman’s psychology, and find out what she really wants.

Ways on How to Manipulate Women into Liking You

There are a lot of men out there who don’t want to take the time to really get to know a woman, and really find out what she’s all about. How hard can it be to dissect her mind, and give her exactly what she wants, and make it clear at the same time what you expect? Here’s how you can work on those manipulative skills.

  • So you like this woman – she’s either your colleague, a neighbor you’ve not had the courage to ask out, someone you met online or a woman friend of someone you know. Whoever that woman is, she has a lot to say, and trust me she has a history. You need to start out very casually with questions that aren’t personal at all – like work, family life, what she does all day, her tastes, what she dislikes, how she spends her weekends, her outlook on random issues and so on. Build on that, and find a common ground that the two of you can relate to. The best way to bond with a woman, is have a strong similar interest in something, and know that you can approach that subject whenever you want. It’s the safest way for two people to connect, because you feel comfortable with opening up to them eventually.
  • Find out if she’s seeing someone or likes a guy – see if she opens up about things like that, and if she doesn’t – don’t push it. A woman when comfortable and in her element, will tell you everything, but if she has a bad relationship past, she’s likely to lie low. Give her time, and space and she just may come around.
  • Compliment her often, so that she feels good about herself. Point out to her how good she looked in a particular skirt or pair of jeans – she’ll automatically start stocking up on these to look good everyday.
  • Invite her for functions or events that she’d like to go to, be it an art opening, a concert, inauguration of a new restaurant or anything that you know she would really like to go for. Score her some tickets, reserve a place for two, and make it seem casual and not like you two are on a date.
  • If you want her to open up to you, you need to be upfront with her first. Don’t expect women to be overly honest, and shut yourself down when asked the same questions back. She wants to get to know you too, and you need to give her some answers in order to get some back. It’s a barter system really. If you want her to be honest and frank, she’ll expect the same thing in return.
  • Don’t be judgmental, and strike down things that are important to her – like her job, her family, friends or things she’s passionate about. When you do, then you come off as a jerk and the kind that cannot respect a woman. If you honestly see that something is ruining her, or messing with her mind then gently approach the topic and ask her why she keeps doing that to herself. She’ll see that you are genuinely helping her out, and will confide in you. Don’t rush her if she doesn’t want to talk about it. Women need time to open up to a guy, especially if she’s had past relationship issues to deal with.
  • Be supportive if you find out about something that has hurt her, or made her upset. If she’s pissed off, you need to step back. When women are mad, they need room to breathe in order to put out that raging fire. The most you can do is send her a comforting message, that is direct, saying something like, ‘you know I’m here for you, if you need to talk, you know how to reach me.’ Women find comfort in knowing that if they ever need a crutch to lean on besides a best friend or family member, there’s you.
  • Remember important dates like her birthday or the first time she joined the company, how long she’s been in town (if she’s new to it) – she’ll be touched and surprised that you bothered at all in remembering those tiny details. It’ll make her feel important, and above all cared for.
  • Try to be the kind of guy she’s looking for. Extreme opposites may attract each other, but making it last is a rare situation. No one’s asking you to change yourself for her, but keep in mind the details of the guy she’s looking out for, and play it out that way. If she dislikes a habit you indulge in, don’t do it in front of her, and respect her wishes to not have you do it in her face.
  • If you get the feeling that she doesn’t like you, then it’s simply just that, or something more. Either she has a past boyfriend that she still has to deal with, or she has dating issues, or maybe she just doesn’t like you. That is why it is important to start small, and then work your way up when getting her to treat you as a close friend.
  • Don’t come off too strong, and don’t get ahead of yourself if she acts really nice towards you. That doesn’t give you a chance to pounce on her if she’s being nice or occasionally sweet.
  • Notice things she does – the way she looks at you, the way she laughs or blushes if you say something, how she reacts to a phone call or if she may be avoiding you. Women like men who try hard to get them, since they get off on a guy jumping through hoops to get her attention.

Over a period of time, women get a sixth sense about why a guy behaves differently, and at some point will figure out that you like her. Women aren’t dumb that way, and you need to step it up when you’re two-three months into being friends, so as not to keep her guessing for too long. The key here is to get her to like you, and see you as her potential partner, by using these manipulation techniques. I hope that these tips help you in your quest to get a woman to like you.

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