How to Deal With Unrequited Love? Talk. Accept. Indulge. Move On.

JM Barrie on unrequited love
You see that someone special and cupid strikes his arrow. You’re struck with immediate love and affection for that someone. You get to know that person, meet often and realize that things might just get better. You wait for them to, but they just don’t. You wait some more and they still don’t. Finally, you see someone else entering their life, leaving no space for you. Have you also gone through this? If yes, knowing how to deal with unrequited love is something that can help you. The first thing that relationship advice for one sided love would tell you, is to give yourself a reality check. Not everyone can love and be loved by the same person. If love was reciprocated every single time, there would be no problem at all, isn’t it? Sometimes, this special someone can be your best friend too. In that case, romantic feelings can lead to ending of the friendship as well. Now you don’t want that, do you? Let’s see what we can do to handle the pain of unrequited love.

Dealing with Unrequited Love…

Accept that the person you love doesn’t necessarily have to love you back. There may be people who fell in love with you, did you fall in love with all of them? No, right? This means that unrequited love isn’t something really disturbing. It happens! You need to accept the fact that your love wasn’t reciprocated and you have to move on. You need to stop living in denial of the current situation. Every time you refuse to do so, you are falling further down in the abyss. You have to let go of irrational hope and get a hold of yourself.

Ignore that person for a few days, even if you have to do so forcibly. Go out with other friends and spend more time with your family. Keep yourself from calling or texting him every now and then and waiting for a reply. Engage yourself in some hobby classes and spend time doing something you like. Keeping busy will help keep your mind off certain things. Time can heal everything if you give it a chance to do so. If you have tried this and it hasn’t worked for you, travel out-of-town. Distance does help in getting over unrequited love.

Stop discussing about your grief and how you’ve become the victim of unrequited love. Neglect the feeling of emotional dependency. Don’t talk about that person with anyone. No one can help you achieve what you want to, they can only console you. If you keep on talking and thinking about it, you are not helping yourself to move on. Even if you are not seeing that person or talking on the phone, he is always in your mind. You need to take your mind off the person and learn to move on.

If someone else has taken your place in his life, you should step aside. Specially, if he doesn’t mind that someone stepping in. Knowing how to deal with unrequited love is one thing but when the person falls in love with someone else, it’s an altogether different game. Yes, you might feel guilty. You might feel you lack something and that is the reason why you are alone today and the person you love, loves someone else. At such times, there are two things you must remember. First that you can’t cross certain boundaries, it’s just unfair. Second, you might just find someone better. Learn to see the cup half full rather than seeing it half empty!

If You Don’t Love Someone Who Loves You…

For those who are on the other side of the story should know how to deal with unrequited love. You know someone loves you with all their heart and is expecting the same in return. DO NOT reciprocate even the slightest of feelings if you do not feel the same way. Yes, you might think you’re a monster to do that, but that is, the right way. Feelings should be mutual. After all you don’t want to break a heart by giving false hopes. Be firm in your decision and don’t show even the slightest sign of affection because someone may be hurt or you may be rude in not doing so. Know your boundaries well and try to be as honest as possible not to indulge in wishful thinking.

These were some tips that will surely help you to deal with unrequited love. Accept the fact and learn to move on with life. Give yourself some time, hang out with friends, and keep yourself busy by engaging in various activities. Acceptance is the first and last thing I would tell you to believe in. Lastly, believe in yourself, there might be someone out there waiting just for you…

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