Hilarious Pick Up Lines You Can Use to Impress or Even Entertain

Hilarious pickup line
Pickup lines are not only considered ice breakers or conversation starters, but they are also rated as a display of wit and pun. Also, pickup lines are not solely meant for exhibiting romantic interest to the other person, but they can also be a unique way to share a good laugh with friends and colleagues. Here are some…
Pickup Lines to Use…
On Guys
# Hey, how’s your dad ‘Zeus’ doing?

# Wouldn’t you take me to your home, ‘The land of handsome men?’

# No thanks for the beer! Your eyes are enough to make me high.

# Hey superman, take me to the clouds!

# Are you staring at me? (Guy – No!) Why not? Am I looking fat or something?

# You’re so sweet you’re giving me a toothache!

# My! you look so STUPID! (Guy – Why?) Coz you are a Super Talented Unique Person In Demand!

# If I had known that you’d be here, I would have applied my sunscreen!

# Do you like almonds? (Guy – No, why?) How about a date then?

# How about doing some community work by sparing some space for the needy? Let’s move in together!

# What’s your name? (Guy – Why?) I can’t find a synonym for ‘Heart throb!’

# I will kiss you and if you do not like it, you can give it back to me!

# ‘HACHOO!’ I am extremely sorry, I am just allergic to cute men!

# I gave your name in the competition of the most handsome man in the world! But they rejected you. (Guy – Why?) They said ‘Professionals are not allowed!’

# You are the first cupid I have ever seen who isn’t blind!

On Girls
# Hi, I am Bond! My Grannie named me after an orangutan.

# ‘Beep beep, beep beep’ Oh that’s a reminder in my mobile phone! It reminds me to propose you right now!

# Hi! Can I buy you the Taj Mahal?

# Can you lend me your ‘Get-beautiful-instantly-lotion?’

# God must have been working very late the day when he was making you!

# Oh don’t look at me like that! I am too young to die from your cute smile!

# Voila! I came all the way from Venus – the planet of love, looking for you!

# What’s the spelling of your name? I need to spell out ‘B E A U T I F U L’.

# Hey you do not belong here! The ‘Gorgeous Ladies’ Club’ is over there!

# Get a wilted rose for the girl and say ‘Oh poor rose! It just got the shock of her life seeing your beauty!’

# Pinch me O angel, as I think I am dead!

# Is it morning already? Oh how stupid of me! It’s just you, smiling at me!

# You must go and see a doctor lady! (Girl – why?) You have ‘BEAUTY’ all over your face!

# I need a job! Make me your husband!

# Guy – ‘You are so ugly!’ (Girl – What!) Guy looking up – ‘God, please forgive me for lying!’

# Have your mom met Cleopatra by any chance! (Girl – puzzled!) No? I wonder how did she manage to make you so beautiful!

# God came in my dream and told me that I would die when I meet the most gorgeous girl in the world! Baby give me a hug and bid me goodbye!

Some Random Pickup Lines
# Hi! I am SSSS… Tom! Sorry I stutter but the wrong way!

# Hi there! I am Alex, and I like Chinese; food and people, both!

# Hey are you busy? I am busy too. Let’s do busy together!

# Lady please step away from me. I am diabetic and you are too sweet!

# If grapes make skin beautiful, then you must be living in a vineyard!

# Hey what are you doing on earth? Did God give a recess to his angels?

# If you were a phone of Apple, you would be called igorgeous!

# Baby is your name “AT&T”? Because you have reached out and touched my heart!

# I would like to cast you in my movie as a fish who gets lost in the ocean? The movie title is “Finding Pretty!”

# If you were Christmas, I would be the Grinch who stole you!

# I don’t know about Harry Potter, but seeing you I feel I can create the brightest Patronus Charm ever! (Note: Before using this line, ensure that she/he has watched or read Harry Potter.)

# Girl you are so delightful and bright, you can make Batman rent an apartment and abandon his cave!

# Where is NOKIA when I need it to connect you with me?

# Hi! I am Philips! Would you like to make things better with me?

And there you are with some funny and some ridiculous pickup lines you can throw at people. Use them well and share the goodness of laughter!

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