Here are Some Great Tips on How to Deal With Being Ghosted

Being abandoned on social media
The process of ghosting in a relationship means ending the relationship by blocking or cutting communication or not responding to your partner’s attempts to contact you. While some ghosted individuals will naturally start wondering whether they deserve to be abandoned, others take a chill pill and overcome the frustration and confusion with a sip of booze or puff of weed. While we won’t suggest any of the above, here are some positives ways to escape the feeling of being ghosted.
Sweat it Out With a Heavy Workout
girl punching a bag
Get a punching bag or a dartboard and stick the photo of the person who ghosted you on it and get over with your frustration with all your might.
Wait for a While to Escape the Agitation
time moves on
Please try your best not to jump on any conclusion, decision, or a resolution. Give yourself some time to settle your turbulent feelings. Time provides shelter from the storm. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
Stimulate the Positive Energy
taking bath
Take a bath, preferably a cold bath, or visit a spa. Honestly, it truly changes your mood instantly due to increased blood circulation throughout your body that freshens you up. Listen to soul-soothing music, watch your favorite movie. Or may be, just observe small kids playing in the park. Let the innocent enthusiasm erase all the negativity from your life.
Share it with Close Friends
girl talk
Talk to your pal with whom you are connected emotionally. Express your sorrow, it will help you relax and assist you in overcoming the feeling of being ghosted.
Keep Yourself Busy
Try to learn a new skill or art form to explore the better part of you or volunteer to serve people at your religious place or at a sacred event. Blessings and good wishes of people will nourish you with positive vibes.
Buy Something New
shopping woman
Shop for your favorite book or a new musical instrument, or jewelry, or a fantasy dress, or any fashion accessory. Whatever that makes you happy. It will make you forget the dark past and open up your mind for the radiant auspiciousness coming your way.
Gorge on Some Comfort Food
woman eating
Munch on your favorite snack or eat something that you haven’t had since long. Digging into some comfort food will definitely help you relax and get you a good sleep. But ensure that you don’t binge on your favorite food so much that you regret the resulting weight gain later.
Opt for a Change of Scenery
Shift to your closest friend’s residence for couple of days, or visit an unfamiliar place while going on a long ride or long drive. Moreover, you could take a vacation to your favorite beach, waterfall, national park, etc., any place that provides relaxation and cheers you up.
Stay Away from Negativity
meditating woman
Try meditating, if you can. Deep breathing and Yoga may help you get rid of negative feelings and bring peace from the torment. Try to keep those things away from your sight and avoid being at places that remind you about that person.
Personally, I believe that the spirit of friendship has no limits. It is when you are emotionally vulnerable that you realize the value of true friends. If you have a friend who seems to be ghosted, remember your friend needs you the most when he/she says that “leave me alone”. Give your friend a hug. It’s your duty to cheer him up. It’s relatively easy to be a sister, a brother or a lover of someone but, being a friend for life is difficult.

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