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Behind every successful relationship is a series of successful dates that define them. The dating process is not as easy as it seems, because each date is what gives meaning to the relationship. Therefore, dating should never be taken for granted.

A date can make or break any relationship, so it is best advised that one should be careful when out with someone you really like, especially for guys. The following are free dating tips that one can follow when one is out on a date:

– Always smile. – Women love a good smile, especially when it is well-placed. A happy attitude always gets a woman’s heart, more than any handsome but sulky guys could. One reason why girls love someone who smiles often is that it shows that the man is not dangerous and is someone they can trust.

– Use deodorants. – There is nothing more embarrassing than a guy who smells. This is one of the ultimate turns off for girls and will definitely make you lose your dating opportunities! Make sure to take a bath before every date as well, otherwise, all the other free dating pieces of advice will be to no avail.

– Avoid taboo subjects. – Do not start the conversation on “why death penalties for persons under the age of 18 should be allowed” or “why most women have cellulite” if you still want the date to continue. This is another ultimate no-no. Make sure to choose safer and friendlier topics for your conversation. Also, asking sexual questions on the first date is not advisable; otherwise she will think that you are only interested in going to bed with her (which may be true at some point but is best to be kept to yourself at the moment).

– Let her talk. – The best way to get to know her is to let her talk. This is one of the best free dating advise that you should know. By letting her talk, you will let her know that you give utter importance to what she thinks and says. It will give her the impression that she is worth listening to.

– Dress nicely and appropriately. – Wear your best and make sure that your outfit is appropriate to the situation. Do not wear your coat and tie if you plan to spend the afternoon on the beach, etc, as this free dating tip is often confused with the idea that wearing formal clothes is the best way to impress a woman, even if the situation don’t call for it.

– Use different colognes. – If you are dating a woman several times a week, make sure to use a different scent each time. Avoid spraying too much, so as not to make your date dizzy. You can also ask her which among the scent does she like best, so as to know which one should you use more often.

These free dating tips, if done appropriately, will definitely help you get any girl that you want, as these are proven ways to get the woman of your dreams, and keep her.

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