Fabulous Flirting Lines for Men That Actually Work

Flirting line for men
Women do not respond to smug flirting lines; especially when men are trying to grab their attention for one thing. Men need to understand that cheesy and repeated lines will never work, regardless of who they are talking to.
Of course, being flirted with is something both men and women like. But that doesn’t mean that any line will work. Any man, sincere enough, can get the attention of a woman he likes and wants to talk to.
Top 15 Flirting Lines for Men
win heart
Women like to hear nice things about themselves, and men who acknowledge this fact while flirting with them, get to win their affection. Do not make the mistake of thinking that every woman is ‘easy’ and can easily be swayed with thoughtless lines.
just met
I don’t claim to be the best photographer in the world, but I can picture us together.
(A fabulous flirting line to a girl you’ve just met.)
happy couple
My mornings will be so much better if they started with you.
(This line shouldn’t be used for a casual encounter; use it on someone who matters.)
People say that nothing lasts forever. So… would you like to be my nothing?
(This is a really cute line to use on a girl you’ve been meaning to ask out.)
met in park
Enjoying the day without you is like a broken pencil. Pointless.
(Use this line on a girl you’ve just met either at a party, park, movies, or even in school.)
I’d catch a grenade for you and toss it right back. Nobody can throw a grenade at you and get away with it.
(If you’re trying to woo someone, use this line to get the message across.)
You’ll agree with me when I say that we’d look amazing on top of a wedding cake.
(If you’re really serious about someone, this line can help you get a positive reply.)
I guess you already know this, but you smell like happy feels.
(A really cute line to impress a girl.)
I don’t think you should wear any makeup. It’s messing with perfection.
(Another compliment she won’t be able to ignore.)
Go on a date with me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?
(Ask this question to a girl you’ve been talking to for a while.)
Girl, you give me caterpillars which will soon turn into butterflies… if you let me get to know you better.
(It may sound cheesy, but if used correctly, it can do wonders.)
Can I buy you a drink or should we talk for 5 minutes before that?
(This line gives the girl two options to choose from. Let’s hope she doesn’t choose option 3, well, you can imagine what’s that going to be.)
My friends bet me that I won’t be able to start a conversation with you. You wanna go to the bar and buy some drinks with their money?
(A great line to get things rolling.)
By any chance, are you a camera? ‘Cause every time I look at you, I smile.
(Give her a compliment. It’ll work wonders.)
Hold your hand out… Can you hold this till I go take a walk?
(A less creepy invitation to take a walk/spend time with you.)
I was dumped a while back and I know that you’re the only one who can make me feel better.
(Let’s hope that this isn’t the actual reason; use the line to flirt only.)
What Not to Say
Oh! I feel like Richard Gere… standing next to the Pretty Woman!
I think something is wrong with my eyes… I can’t seem to take them off you!
If you were a burger at McDonalds, you would be McGorgeous.
Girl, you must be tired. Because you’ve been running through my mind all day!
So, does falling from heaven hurt?
So, if I were Barney, would you make my night LEGENDARY?
Are you always this pretty… or is this for my benefit?
So, do I need to be your friend before I ask you out? Or can I take you out for dinner tomorrow?
I know what you’re thinking… you want to give me your name and phone number! Right!
You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
Do you like walks on the beach? (yes) Care to join me for one?
My heart skipped a beat when I first laid eyes on you.
You are the most beautiful angel I have ever seen.
You know what.. I think God was showing off when he made you!
If I asked you for a dance, would you say yes?
The moon seems to have turned green from jealousy, I am sure it’s the effect of your presence.
I do not want to seem too forward, but I already see us having a beautiful future together.
If I were Edward Cullen… would you be my Bella?
There is no one in this world who is worth your tears, and when you find him, he won’t make you cry!
Almost every time, women know when you’re up to no good and they can easily see through men being fake. So be honest with your feelings and respect them. Only then you’ll be able to talk to the one you like.

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