Eat Together, Stay Forever: Date Ideas for Couples Who Love Food

Indoor picnic - date idea for couples who love food
Comfort is the Order
A date need not be very meticulously planned for it to be a success. For couples who are foodies, spending even half an hour sharing a quick cheese quesadilla or a grilled sandwich feels divine and fulfilling.

Food, food, food! That’s all what a foodie thinks about 24X7. And if you and your partner are both food lovers, nothing like it! As a matter of fact, a dating couple is generally more concerned about getting to know each other, which is why the emphasis is on having a nice time. This is usually achieved by going for the movies, or concerts, or just have a nice meal at a restaurant. While food is an important part of a date, many couples concentrate on their partner rather than the food. However, if both dating individuals are foodies at heart, they need to gorge on something on every date, and concentrating equally on the food is of prime importance, since they love food as much as they love their partner, perhaps even more (wink wink!).

There are endless reasons why food is better than love isn’t it? Of course, this does not mean that these couples have to frequent only fancy restaurants and eating joints all the time, there are many other ways to make food a part of the date and experiment with the same. The paragraphs below list down some unique date ideas for hungry couples.

Fireplace picnic

How about a date by the barbecue, indoors or outdoors? If the weather is cold, put on your sweaters and scarves and boots, pack fritters, fries, marshmallows, and some soup. You may also carry a thermos of hot coffee. Go out in the snow and choose a quiet spot. Light a fire and sit by it with your partner, watching the flames dancing along. As you get warmer, spread out the snacks and keep munching! Feed the fire as it dies and when you are done, stamp it out and head back home to a warm bed. If you do not want to go outdoors, sit by the fireplace at your home or your partner’s home and enjoy a simple home-style meal, say pasta or chicken. No formalities or table manners!

Factory tours

Take a day off and spend it with your date visiting a food factory. Watching how your favorite food is prepared, processed, and packed is a delight in itself! Most of the factory tours include tasting free samples, you’ll enjoy the time munching away on fresh breads and biscuits and ice-cream, while learning how they are made.

Wine tasting

Visit a local winery for wine-tasting. Enjoy sampling the various wines selected by the sommelier. Be careful you do not over-indulge, after all you have get back home safely! Or may be, you could choose a restaurant that specializes in good wine-pairings for every course. It may be expensive, but you can splurge once a while!

Cooking class

Take a cooking class together. It could range from a couple of weeks to a few months, right from bread-making to pastas to pizzas and cakes and what not. Then, experiment with the cooking at home. You’ll love to try out what you have learned, at the same time, learning new recipes with your partner will keep you excited and happy.

Food Tour/Safari

Get into your car and drive randomly around town. Have a small snack at every food joint you see. You may also consider having appetizers at a place, desserts at another, and so on. For example, you may have a sausage roll at one place, drive ahead and have a chicken burger, drive further and have a turkey sandwich, and so on, until your tummy is ready to burst! Take a gastronomic tour around the city and keep alive the zest for eating.

Indoor picnic

There is nothing more comforting as an indoor picnic. Just pack some fruits, salads, sandwiches, rolls, hot dogs, etc., in a picnic hamper. Lay a tablecloth on the living room floor or next to the patio and enjoy a picnic atmosphere in the comfort of your home. You may also make a full meal, but choose to sit on the floor instead of the dining table, and enjoy an indoor picnic experience.

Fancy Restaurant

Nothing like going the old-fashioned way once a while. Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and take your partner for proper date. You may order a combination of your favorite dishes and share them, or experiment with the restaurant’s specialties.

Budget meals

There are many joints that offer meals within a certain price range. Experiment with all of them! Some meals can be really delicious! Budget meals mostly have a wide range of food items.

Dinner party

Dress up well and attend one of the corporate parties of either of your workplaces. It may not be a good idea to mix personal and professional lives, yet socializing with other people (even other foodies, perhaps!), meeting your partner’s colleagues, and bonding over food makes for a great evening.

Apple Picking

At a certain time of the year, apple orchards are open to the public for apple-picking. Check the orchards in your area and book a prior appointment, and enjoy the day with apples and other farm produce. You can have an organic meal right at the farm or even have free samples of apple products (apple jam, apple sauce, apple muffins, and more)!

Snack date on a drive

How about driving and eating? No no, I am not talking about a drive-in restaurant. Just pack some snacks, say sandwiches or meat cutlets or burgers, and head off for a ride! Stop when you are tired and bring out the food! Enjoy a casual evening with your partner in the company of delicious snacks and nature, and then head for a ride back home.

Garden fresh

Grow some vegetables in your backyard! Make a meal with the produce that you have grown yourself, and you’ll have experience a sense of peace and contentment like never before.

Roadside Joint

Why do you need a posh restaurant any way? Food, in all its glory, is wonderful. Head off to a famous roadside joint and enjoy cubanos or cheese sandwiches or turkey rolls and more! Enjoying street food with your partner will be even more memorable!

Food truck

Eating from food trucks is almost akin to eating from a roadside joint, except that particular food trucks specialize in certain foods. Find out when and where the best food trucks in your town open shop, and enjoy another simple meal with your partner full of divine goodness!

Course Special

You can also have appetizers for one date, desserts for another, only main course for once, and so on! Having course-themed cuisine is rather exciting and delicious!

Cheese tasting

Go to a cheese-tasting event. Generally, wine-tasting and cheese-tasting events are held together, so you’ll be able to taste some of the most delicious cheeses in the world, right from the mild, gooey ones to the tough, firm ones! You’ll also be offered bread sticks and crackers and other accompaniments, so go and enjoy!


Now that’s a really unique idea! Spend an evening trying only the aphrodisiacs! Have a platter of chocolates, strawberries, bananas, asparagus, avocados, etc., and feed each other lovingly. Finish off with a glass of chilled champagne and get ready for a night of fun! No kidding!

Weird food combo places

Sometimes, do stuff that is out of the ordinary. Frequent those place in the city that serve bizarre food combinations. You may or may not like the resulting dishes, but as a foodie, you may want to keep yourself updated with every other food joint and various recipes. Am I right?

Outdoor Picnic – Park/Lak

Nothing like a proper outdoor picnic! Pack whatever foodstuff you can – chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, sausage rolls, salad, orange juice, etc., and head off to the nearby park. You can even picnic beside the lake or the river, nothing like enjoying nature with some tasty helpings! Enjoy eating delicious food while chatting merrily with your partner, watching the calm river, the lush green landscapes, and colorful flowers.

Dinner theater

Going out for a movie and a dinner is probably one of the oldest idea for a date. How about recreating the same at home? If you can afford it once a while, that is. Either order the food from a restaurant or hire a chef to prepare the same at home. Hire a couple of amateur musicians to play lovely music during the meal. Arrange the table beautifully, with the right cutlery and china, attractive centerpieces and candle stands, flowers and tablecloths. Dress like a dream and get ready to surprise your date! Hire a waiter for a couple of hours to serve you and your partner. Enjoy a five-star feeling right at your home!

Fondue night

Arrange the fondue in a big pot and prepare a plate of fruit, biscuits, bread, and raw veggies. Enjoy a quiet evening at your place while dipping the accompaniments in the yummy fondue pot! Utterly delicious and full of contentment!

Cook together

Plan an evening for cooking together. Choose the menu and decide the chores. Either one of you could help with the basic tasks of chopping, grinding, and blanching while the other cooks, or you could divide the meals between yourselves―one could prepare spaghetti while the other could make dessert, and so on. You’ll be amazed to find out how closer this activity brings you both.

Tasting menu

A tasting menu is a wonderful way to try different dishes at a reasonable price. Find out the restaurants in your city that serve a tasting menu, where you and your partner can indulge in different meal courses in limited portions.

Grill and Barbecue

Nothing is more enjoyable than grilled food! Take out the barbecue pit and roast steaks and meat in your garden, and enjoy a yummy date, or visit a restaurant or joint that specializes in grilled food. Enjoy the delicious, marinated, charred meat chunks with your partner!

Farmer’s market

Visit a local farmer’s market with your partner to shop for fresh, organic stuff. Buy whatever produce you want, from fruits to vegetables to eggs. Get back home and cook a wonderful meal with fresh ingredients! Some markets or agricultural fairs also have small cafes that sell foods made with fresh farm produce.

Explore New Places

Nothing like exploring new places! If you find that a new French restaurant has opened in town, or there is a place that serves authentic Mediterranean cuisine, just head out to that place and taste the food. Irrespective of whether you like it or not, it will be an enriching experience for you and our partner!

Game zone

Try snacking while playing indoor games! Have snack platters ready and take occasional breaks while playing chess or ludo or monopoly!

Pizza Festival

Oh the lovely, crusty pizza! What can possibly be more delicious? Instead of ordering it, prepare the pizza at home, with your favorite toppings! Pop the pizza in the oven and watch the cheese melt. Your unique pizza is sure to taste all the more heavenly once you have shared it with your partner.

Progressive meal

You may heard of the term progressive dinner’. If not, the idea here is for friends to gather at a predecided place with different meal courses prepared at each of their homes. This gives you a chance to enjoy what others have cooked, as well as bond with your partner and your friends.

Chef’s table

A chef’s table involves reserving a private table away from prying eyes, and having the head chef personally attend to you. You can save up for this treat. Reserve a table, dress up well, and try the chef’s table at a good restaurant. Have the VIP experience of being served and catered by the head chef, and enjoy the specialties of the restaurant!

Dining in the dark

Candles for the occasion please! Though this is a fairly old idea, it still oozes charm. Either have a lovely candle-light dinner outside, or light up your home with candles and enjoy a simple meal, or better still, book a table at a sea-facing restaurant and light up the evening with brilliant candles all around! Order a delicious menu and have a romantic evening!


You may do this either with friends or just between the two of you. Either of you can prepare a couple of dishes each, and bring to one of your homes. Perhaps one of you could prepare appetizers while the other could prepare the main course and get it over to either of your places. Finish off with a dessert. Enjoy each other’s cooking and feel the love grow!

Food Competition

Have a food competition! Either cook together and check who cooks better, or have an array of finger foods and find out who can polish it off the fastest! Don’t over-indulge, however! It’s most interesting to have a friendly competition with your loved one where food is concerned!

Breakfast in bed

If you are living together, have a king-size breakfast in bed! Try something like muesli, boiled eggs, toast, and fruit, and a cup of hot coffee! What a romantic and yummy date!

Post Thrilling Activity

Try out some thrilling activity, like sky diving or water skiing, and feel the adrenaline rush! After that, head over to a nearby eating joint and grab a bite! This is going to be one exciting date, since trying an adventurous activity is like living on the cutting edge! A meal after this seems like manna from heaven!

Rooftop meal

Get back to being teenagers! Carry your favorite eatables to the roof and watch the lovely sunset while resting on your partner’s shoulders and munching your favorite goodies! Or have a proper meal on the terrace, with the lovely breeze and stars for company!


Try different cuisines at different places! Have Chinese noodles, then Spanish paella some other time, then Mexican quesadillas, and so on! Experiment with various cuisines at the different restaurants in your city.

In the Rain

There is nothing more sensuous than enjoying a meal in the rain! On a rainy day, go for a walk with your partner. When you are completely drenched, grab a cup of hot coffee or a grilled sandwich from a street joint and enjoy feeding each other under the umbrella. Shivering in the cold weather and enjoying something hot at the same time with your partner is irresistible!

So there you go! These ideas are just the beginning, you can add many more of your own! One more thing, a major advantage for couples who are food lovers is whenever you have a tiff, try to stir the conversation around your favorite food! Or better still, just head off to your favorite haunt and have a bite to eat. Believe it or not, by the time you are through with your comfort meal, you’ll forget why the tiff started in the first place! Food has the power to help you both find your way back to each other. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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