Complicated: Am I in Love With Him? Or is it Lust? Infatuation?

Sign of being in love
I can see him, even though he is absent,
I can feel him, although he is elsewhere,
I can hear him even when he is silent,
Is this love?

And there are thousands more thoughts alike, storming your mind just to assure that you are actually in love with him. A sweet shyness fills you when he is around and you wait impatiently for him to speak up first. The smell of his perfume lingering in your senses after he has walked beside you. The nervousness in your eyes when you get caught observing him secretly. The restlessness in you when he is not around and the eagerness to meet him one more time drives you crazy. In a state of ecstasy, you ask yourself if you are in love with him? Well, these signs are quite evident when you are truly in love and everything around you seems beautiful.

Your happiness multiplies when you observe him exhibiting the same behavior towards you. Eventually the expectations of both turn out to be true. You can confirm this better if you take up the love quiz in the following segment. The questions are representations of the thoughts present in your mind while being in love. If your answers are ‘yes’, just exclaim in joy, ‘I love him’.

Love Quiz

These apprehension of being truly in love or infatuation is making you confused. There are certain specific signs of falling in love, which help you to know whether you love him truly or not. We explain you over here.

Signs that you love him

  • You wish to talk to him all the time.
  • His presence gives you joy and his absence makes you upset.
  • Facing him makes you a bit shaky.
  • You try to get noticed by him.
  • You wait for him to talk to you.
  • You dress up well when he is around.
  • You get impatient when you do not find him.
  • You show concern if he is upset.
  • You feel compelled to call him ‘without’ any reason (or text him).
  • You wait for his call anxiously (check your mobile repeatedly if he has pinged).
  • You see him first after waking up from sleep (hypothetically).
  • You include him in your prayers (if you trust God).

The feelings for him

  • You feel that he is the world for you.
  • You are ready to accept him as your life partner.
  • You will be with him through thick and thin.
  • Your love is pure and selfless.
  • You respect him as well.
  • You feel jealous if he is close to some other girl.
  • You are ready to support him throughout life.

Things that you expect from him

  • You want him to be equally committed.
  • You want him to support you always.
  • You want him to love you truly.
  • You want him to respect you.
  • You want him to understand your sentiments and emotions.

Thoughts that make a difference

“If I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I’m not ashamed of it” ~ Stephenie Meyer

  • You feel a chill inside your spine when he touches you (a simple handshake!).
  • You have a secret desire to hug him.
  • You wait for him to plant the first kiss.
  • Think of the intimate moments entire day (smiles!).
  • Wait for him to touch you again (hold hands!)
  • You have a suppressed desire to love him.
  • You shall reciprocate to his desires without hesitation.

Test yourself…
If 80% of your answers revolve only around him, then you have simply fallen for him. Interesting? Well, take up the test.

How much do you love his personality

  • Okay
  • Improvement needed
  • A lot…

How do you feel in his company

  • Extremely happy
  • Better with friends
  • Boring and uncomfortable after a while

What do you do immediately after rising from bed

  • Check your phone to see if you have missed his call/text
  • You don’t have time to check your phone
  • You do not respond even if he has called you

How do you feel after a misunderstanding

  • You do not care
  • You are too egoistic to patch up
  • You are hurt and want to patch up

How do you feel when you do not meet/contact each other

  • You don’t really think much
  • Let him approach first
  • You miss him terribly and call up

I hope after testing yourself you are now convinced that you actually love him or not. You are a happy soul now and is living with the thought that ‘love just happened, only if I could tell him at once.’ Henceforth, you are waiting for him to disclose his feelings to you. Let your wait bear fruits soon! The feeling of being in love is just synonymous to Charles Morgan’s quote, “there is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.”

P.S.: The quiz was based on assumption that he has the same feelings for you.

Once you have committed yourself to your partner, there shouldn’t be any qualms in your mind. Welcome the joy of being in love and have happy days ahead. I end this article with the beautiful lines of William Shakespeare,

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite

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