7 Extremely Useful Tips on How to Stop Thinking of Your Ex

Tips to help get over your ex
So, you have just broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Naturally, you would be experiencing mixed emotions at the moment. A part of you will be hurt, a part of you angry and a part of you which still can not get over your ex! Since your partner has been an important part of your life in the past, it would be very difficult for you to imagine a life without them, at least for a while. At the same time, thinking about them, day in and day out, would not do you any good. So, it’s time that you put an end to your “wishful” thinking and start looking ahead in life!

De Clutter!
First things first, get rid of your ex’s photographs, gifts they gave you, or any other thing that reminds you of them. Dump all such things in a bag and put it in a place in your house which you don’t visit often! Remove all physical signs of your ex’s existence as looking at them can bring back their memories.

Get Busy!
Get busy. So, if you are a student, give your whole and soul to your books. If you are working in an office, give it your best shot. This will not only help you in getting over your ex, but will also be good for you academically/professionally.

A drawback of being in a serious relationship is that you do not get enough time to socialize. Most of your time is spent in being with your partner, so much so that sometimes it becomes months since you meet up with your friends. If this is true in your case too, now that you are no longer in a relationship, you can utilize the time on your hands by catching up with old friends. So, go out with your friends, meet up with new people and make some new friends too. This will certainly keep your spirits high and help you forget your past.

Though not a very good way to forget your ex, still, dating someone else does help! So, get out there and start dating again! If you are super busy in your work, you can even take help from your friends in this and ask them to arrange dates for you. Or, you can call any of your other exes (with whom you are still friends with) and see whether they would go out with you. In short, remain in the company of opposite sex! It would certainly help you get over your woos, though only temporarily!

Find Yourself!
Instead of obsessing over someone who is not with you, why not devote the same time in knowing yourself. Maybe the reason why you are still thinking about your ex and are unhappy is that you are not satisfied with a certain part of your life. So, for a change, start thinking about yourself, your life, and try to put the missing links together!

Learn Something New!
Give your brain something to chew on. Learn something new – a language, a dance style, a sports, acting, anything that catches your fancy! It does not even have to be something you have thought about learning before! Simply put yourself in a new situation and enjoy the surprises that come your way!

Go on a Holiday!
Go on a holiday! Go to the seaside and enjoy various kinds of sea sports. Or, go to a small town and take in the slow pace of life there. However, take care while choosing your holiday spot. Do not choose something where you will end up being all alone!

Here’s hoping that these tips help you handle this situation. Besides these, one very important advice for you is to practice mind control. If you can not stop thinking about someone who does not want you, it shows that you lack control over your thoughts. So, be strong, learn to choose the “thoughts” that you want to think, be patient with yourself and with time, everything will fall in place!

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