5 Must Know Dating Rules For Women

Of course, once we believe we’ve discovered the man of our dreams, we’ll do all we can to keep him. However, it is important to note that the dates (particularly the first one) are not just for the purpose of developing his feelings or thoughts about you. It’s all about getting to know each other on a fundamental level and determining if you want to give this relationship the green light or raise the red flag. So, even if you’re already totally over heels in love with him, don’t forget to put on your “woman’s hat” on the first date so you can make an informed decision. Here are five dating rules for ladies before going on a date:

The First Rule of Dating is to Have Confidence.

Why does it feel that the happy and confident lady next door always attracts the most fantastic guys? The explanation is simple: males are naturally drawn to women who appear to be self-assured. He won’t treat you the way you want to be treated until you show him you’re comfortable in your own skin. Of all, everyone has baggage, but you don’t want to bring it up on your date unless you really want to turn him off! Sharing your misery, sob tales, or any other form of negativity (particularly on your first date!) can leave a bad impression on the guy and depict you as someone he doesn’t want to be connected with. Furthermore, why would you want to ruin the enjoyment with nasty remarks? Positive individuals attract positive people, so while you’re on a date, make sure you talk about things that are relevant to you.

Dating Rule #2: Always Dress for Yourself

Of course, you want to look your best, but it doesn’t mean you have to go all out with an outrageous evening gown! You want to make sure you’re comfortable and genuine to yourself, so your clothing should reflect that. The last thing you want to do is put on a show and then set expectations that this is your ‘regular’ self. To be honest, most males prefer less makeup and a more natural look anyhow, so don’t feel obligated to wear anything you don’t like.

Rule #3: Let the man start the conversation.

This is one of the finest dating tips for women since it will make you appear more sensible in every way. This isn’t to mean you shouldn’t participate to the discussion or sit in awkward silence until he speaks, but it is to keep you from dominating the conversation and hardly allowing him to say anything! Women can chat (and in many cases find it easier than men), but you don’t want to spend the entire evening talking about yourself and not really getting to know the guy! Allow him to start the conversation rather than repeating your list of doubts and questions. It will make him feel more at ease and less like he is on trial and will have to answer 50 questions.

Rule #4 in Dating Don’t Make Hasty Conclusions On Your First Date

Many women have a bad tendency of leaping to conclusions far too quickly. Yes, you must be able to trust your gut, but you must also give the person a chance! As soon as the man appears in a strange tie, many ladies lose interest. Don’t be that conceited woman! You can’t judge someone’s ability to love and respect you only on his appearance or the first few lines. Give him some breathing room and time. Allow him to get to know you, and make sure you keep the discussion continuing until the end of the night. You can put off making decisions until you get home.

No Sex On The First Date!

It’s usually a good idea to avoid becoming physical after only a few dates, especially the first date, no matter how much he’s dazzled you with his charisma and knowledge. Getting too close too soon might have a negative impact on your capacity to make the best option for your future. You don’t want to become too emotionally attached since it will make it difficult to decide whether or not you want to be with him. Furthermore, boys admire women who don’t just sleep with them at the drop of a hat, since you don’t want him to think of it as a merely sexual connection if you desire a meaningful relationship.

It shouldn’t be too tough to make your date a nice and memorable experience now that you have a checklist of what to do and what not to do. When these five dating guidelines for women are followed, the date will be a breeze.


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