4 Incredibly Awesome Ways to Flirt With a Girl at the Bar

Tip to flirt with a girl at the bar
Practice, practice, practice
Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, you too can’t be a swagmaster in a day, you have to practice flirting till it comes naturally.
You’re at an uber watering hole, and you notice this gorgeous lady sipping on her vodka cranberry. You just can’t take your eyes off her, and you really have the urge to talk to her, what do you do? You play it cool.

Before you have any shot at getting anywhere with this girl, you need to assure her that you’re genuinely interested in her and you are not the friendly neighborhood serial killer. How do you do that? You have a plan, or as they say “a game”.

It is important that you approach her the right way, you don’t want to bore her or creep the bejesus out of her! It is necessary that you make her feel comfortable, at the same time let the sparks fly between the two of you. Here are some ways you could woo a girl to be the one from your dreams.

Dos and Don’ts of Flirting
No matter what your approach, there are a few basic rules that you need to follow.

#1. Don’t stare unless you want her to think you’re some psychotic ladykiller.
#2. That being said, it is important to make eye contact; once you’ve caught her gaze, hold it for about three seconds, not two… not four, three seconds. Smile at her and look away, at your friends or your glass, anywhere, just not another woman (or your crotch).
#3. Once you get talking to her, compliment her (we love it), make sure to keep it classy, avoid words like voluptuous, sonsy, etc. Buy her and her friends a drink.
#4. Keep it light, no one wants to hear about how your hemorrhoids aren’t letting you sleep at night, save it for a conversation that comes in much later.

Ways to Flirt with a Gorgeous Girl at the Bar
The Nice Guy Approach
Casually bump into the girl, apologize and offer her a drink to make it up for her. Talk to her while you wait for your drink. Sincerely listen to what she has to say. It can be scary but look into her eyes when you talk to her, to let her know that you are genuinely into her.
Once she’s a bit comfortable and likes you, she might show subtle signs like she might brush your arm with her finger, play with her hair, or bite her lip. If not, you could give out some hints by gently touching her shoulder or back. If she’s into you she wouldn’t mind that, but if she gently pushes you away, that’s your cue.
The Funny Guy Approach
One of the things that women adore about men is their sense of humor. If you can get a girl to laugh at your jokes, her heart is instantly going to warm up to you. She instantly feels a sense of comfort around you. If you manage to catch a glance of her looking, smile at her. After sometime, you could walk up to her casually and tell her a joke or say something funny. if she laughs, you’ve got her attention.
Make sure you’re original, if you goof up you can always take a spin on and laugh at yourself (it shows modesty). Then again, you don’t want her to think you’re just another goofy bozo, try to create sexual tension between the two of you by looking for double meaning sentences and put them across in the funny way.
The Cheeseburger Approach
You know the time when someone next to you is having a cheeseburger and you immediately have the hankering for a cheeseburger, this approach works something like that! Like all the other approaches, you make eye contact with the girl you like three to four times. Then you walk to the girl and start talking to her friend. Buy her friends and her a drink. Be charming and articulate with a touch of witty humor, and subtly take the conversation to her, and then give her your undivided attention.
Use the Bartender Approach
The bartender could be your best friend to help you get a girl. You could bet the girl you’re interested in to get the attention of the male bartender; If she wins, you buy her a drink, and if she loses, she buys you a drink (a win-win for you). If you know the bartender, you could ask him/her to introduce you to that girl, or know what she’s drinking. Make it a point to bring out the three Cs Charming, Charismatic, and Curteous! Don’t try too hard; it is definitely a turn off.
You’ll definitely need to practice these approaches in order to master them. Don’t be disheartened if a girl turns you down. At the same time, you should not feel offended if she doesn’t seem interested in you, respect her decision and understand that a no is a no.

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