20 Compliments Every Woman is Disgustingly Sick of Hearing

Compliment every woman is sick of hearing
Weighty Issues!
It is better not to compliment a woman on her weight, unless it is a major transition or something. It is a very risky area, and you may end up insulting her by mistake. We women are very sensitive about our weight.

Women love compliments. Wrong. Women love genuine compliments that make them feel special. We love it when you say something heartfelt and unique, but one thing all men gotta understand, we don’t live for your compliments. And if you think some cheesy line will make us fall for you, you cannot be any more wrong.

In fact, we are tired of all the cliches, and you men need to come up with better stuff, like seriously. Sometimes, what you say actually makes us feel bad or insulted. On top of that, there are some women who love to bring down other women by insulting them through compliments. Yes, women can be really mean sometimes.

So basically, seemingly innocuous compliments make us sick. And hence, this is like a warning – you are NOT supposed to use any from the once mentioned below. Otherwise, face the consequences.

You have filled up nicely. I like your womanly curves.
Aww… and I hate your MANLY mouth.
You look pretty, now that you have lost weight.
Yeah, I was UGLY before. Thank you!
Your hair looks good today. What did you do?
I don’t need YOUR approval, understand?
You look so exotic.
Exotic or WEIRD?
You are so cute!
Aarghhh… why can’t you call me SEXY?
You look good for your age.
Oh, so I am not supposed to look good now that I am OLD.
I like how you don’t care how you look.
Basically, I look CRAP, isn’t it?
You look nothing like your Facebook photos.
I look UGLY in person?
You carry your weight really well.
OK, I am FAT.
You look so pretty. Did you put on makeup?
I can’t look pretty WITHOUT makeup, is that what you are trying to say?
You look so young.
So, I still look like a child, NOT a woman?
You are not like other girls.
Ahh, but you are EXACTLY like other men.
You are too smart for a girl.
What do you mean buddy, all girls are just DUMBOS? You sexist loser!
You look good with straight/curly hair.
You look so pretty today.
Thank you, YESTERDAY I looked ugly, right?
Your outfit is …different.
I DON’T really care what you think.
Even though you are chubby, you look pretty.
What a wonder! Chubby people SHOULD look ugly, right?
That dress makes you look slimmer.
That’s the reason I am wearing it. You DON’T need to tell me that.
Even though you are short, that dress looks good on you.
Even though I am short, I WILL wear whatever I want.
You’re so lucky you are naturally thin.
And you are so lucky I am NOT punching you.

There are many other things you can compliment a woman on, other than her physical appearance. Tell her you find her intelligence and wit sexy, her carefree laughter addictive, or how her passion impresses you. A woman likes to hear such things more than just a superficial compliment on her beauty

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